How to buy LOL accounts

Are you tired of playing an unranked LOL account? Don’t get frustrated because there’s a solution for it. You can buy LOL accounts and it’s guaranteed that you’ll get the higher rank you wish to play. Say thanks to the generous players who are willing to sell accounts with all the champions. They let you save your time and effort in playing the game. So, how do you buy LOL accounts? In most cases, you only need two minutes to complete the transaction so you can have a new account. Here are the common steps in buying LOL accounts. You can find more details on buy lol accounts on the site

Choose an account

The first step requires you to choose a LOL account. In the choices available, you can see a short description about the account. Yet, a full description is available. Here’s an example of an available account.

Short description – EUW Unranked Quality Smurf 21340 BE

Full description:

  1. It’s a level 30 account (no champions, skins, or runes purchased).
  2. It has an unverified email. You can change the email to your own email at first.

Register and Pay

Once you decided the best account for your needs, you can check the amount of the account. You can purchase an account that costs $12.99 up to $55, based on the level of the account. If you’re okay with the price, click the buy button.

Check your email

Once you’re done buying, you’ll receive a message on your email. Check it out for your log in details. You need to confirm the delivery so the seller receives the reimbursement. You may get important details on your account such as login name or username, password, last name, security question, security question answer, parental password and first CD Key (if known by seller). Some information is not provided especially when it’s not applicable to the game.