Sri Lanka’s Coasts

Wondering and wandering about Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka is an island country surrounded by number of bodies of water like the Indian Ocean, Bengal Bay and Laccadive Sea. It just means that there are a lot of beaches you can choose from. So if ever you will be planning to go to Sri Lanka, do not forget to visit one or all of the beaches that you can. If you are on a budget, there are a lot of Budget tour operators in Sri Lanka offering various budget tour packages in Sri Lanka or even just for a Colombo tour package. You could go online and find these tour operators, you can ask them, book with them; some also offers customized tour packages and there are also budget holiday tour operators in Sri Lanka who could help you plan your visits. Isn’t it easy? Everything about travelling could be just a click away. So to find out more about Sri Lanka, we can take a peek in to their coasts. offers some in-depth insights on budget tour packages in sri lanka.

West Coast

Sri Lanka’s west coast shows the island’s most developed and most Westernised part of the island, also is known for its most tourist-oriented place. A string of fine beaches with hundreds of hotels and guesthouses of all and different sizes and standards you can choose from, these dots the coast from Negombo located in the north all the way to Hikkaduwa in the south.

There is a lot of increasing development in other parts of the island; there are large resort hotels of different kinds like the Negombo, Kalutara, Beruwala and Bentota which are all reachable from the capital of Colombo. These hotels continue to serve the island’s significant package-tourist industry; these hotels could also offer two-week stay with various visitors coming from different part of the world, mostly during the northern winter.

South Coast

South coast have been known to be the most rewarding and wonderful places to visit in Sri Lanka, This is the island’s small-scale version with colonial townscapes, stunning beaches, outstanding wildlife parks, stilt fishermen and Buddhist shrines and memorials. This part of the island offers the most luxurious beach hotels and colonial-era villas. Active people would have so many things to choose from, never ending adventures and so many stunning sites to see, from this side of the island.

East Coast

Sri Lanka’s east coast is undeniably attractive, but was more often not included in the tourist trail for many years now due to the civil war, including the damage done in 2004 by a tsunami. There have been slow and steady reconstructions in the regions and part of the coast after the civil war that ended in 2009. Trincomalee and Batticalao are starting to look and become active again which promises massive tourist potentials.

Even if the past has caused so much to Sri Lanka, the best part would still be the time when you get up and continue to live. Some places have been torn down but developing them back to life is more important. Tourists make a lot of help in making all the future in this kind of places, so if ever you would be travelling and planning a tour, do not forget Sri Lanka, its beaches and its culture.