Get a Sedentary, Computer Job? You Might Want to Follow the Ketogenic Diet.

One of the greatest health problems facing people in the 21st century is that of obesity.  Due to the sedentary lives we have begun leading coupled with high-fat foods, it is no wonder that weight gain is rife across the globe.  Many people choose to ignore the weight gain and continue living unhealthy lives; however, there are those who consider the health risk of being overweight and choose to do something about it.  The ideal means of losing weight is to have a balanced lifestyle with an appropriate amount of exercise and healthy diet.  Unfortunately, losing large amounts of weight can take time, and the option of radical diets is tempting.  One popular technique is removing carbohydrates from one’s diet to achieve rapid weight loss – this is known as the ketogenic diet.  This article will provide more information about this high risk, yet effective weight loss alternative.

What Is The Ketogenic Diet?

The ketogenic diet is an extreme form of dieting whereby an individual removes or significantly reduces their carbohydrate intake.  To replace the missing carbohydrates, an increase in protein is necessary as this will maintain adequate muscle mass.  Protein can be found in foods such as chicken, fish, and other red meat.  Carbohydrates, which must be avoided, is found in pasta, bread, honey, sugar, and fruit juice.

Adequate fat intake is also required as this enhances the body’s fat burning process while reducing fatty acids developing; thus, promoting fat loss.  Optimal sources of fats include fish oil, nuts and seeds.

How Does The Ketogenic Diet Work?

It is good and well to understand what one can eat, but how does the diet assist in losing weight so speedily?  Basically, the lack of carbohydrates will cause the liver to produce ketones, which helps the body process fat as a source of energy instead of glucose.  

Rosemary - A great way to flavour your low carb high fat diet
Broccoli and greens for keto eating

Traditionally, the primary source of fuel for the human body was glucose, and our bodies would burn this glucose to gain energy.  Glucose is gained from carbohydrates, and any excess glucose would be stored in muscles and liver, creating fat.  As part of the ketogenic diet, all carbohydrates would be eliminated and as such no glucose would be produced.  This being the case, the body would be forced to burn excess glucose in liver reserves and oxidize the fat; hence, removing the fat.  While this is beneficial for losing body fat, there are certain tissues in the body which require glucose to function; and this is where the ketone production comes in.

Ketone production will allow the tissues to substitute glucose with ketones allowing one to survive without glucose producing carbohydrates.  The ketones are produced by the liver as a byproduct of fatty acid breakdown; therefore, they are derived from body fat.  This can be useful, but it is also the source of several side effects to the ketogenic diet.  The ketones influence hormone levels which are normally used to regulate glucose movement through the body, and this is why people can feel sluggish or fatigued when using this diet. Thanks to Joan Wokefield for her information on the keto diet. Check out her story here. and connect with her on social media here: Ketogenic Diet for Women on


The Benefits of Team Coaching

Team coaching is one of the most rewarding tasks which brings employees together to help them develop their skills and awareness by learning as a team. The coaching is meant to enhance harmony, effectiveness, productivity, and morale. It usually harmonizes office environments and manages problems better while working to accomplish common goals.

Benefits of team coaching

It encourages team work
Team coaching makes employees change their attitude from an I to a We attitude. This is because of the fact that it is based on the principle that individuals should be allowed to reach their full potential as a team and that the entire team should work on the same agenda.

 Therefore, the team will be able to understand its main purpose and how it can work towards achieving a certain goal.

Helps in tackling challenges
Team coaching encourages individuals to solve any problems and obstacles in a team The team coach usually takes a non-directive approach, and all they can do is to observe and let the groups take control and solve any challenges.

Chris Henderson, a leadership team performance coach from One Third More says solving problems together will help come up with solutions that are well thought of and inclusive. Problems of each member are taken into account meaning that the relationship dynamics between the individuals can be maximized to solve any problems.  

Therefore, no one individual can take blame or credit, but the entire team owns up to the resulting outcome.

Fosters collaboration
Team coaching is a good opportunity to develop a strong and collaborative workforce. This is one of the major reasons why it produces better results than individual coaching.

Sports team showing solidarity

The coaching will involve the senior management because it is believed that the resources, time and funding invested in the higher level will trickle down in the form of improved skills and productivity of all the employees.

Helps individuals strive to achieve the same goals
Team coaching will train a team of executives identify and develop their individual strengths to help them achieve their goals. The entire team will, therefore, improve their management skills along with their fellow colleagues to help achieve common goals.

The coaching process will make executives identify and harness their diverse knowledge, talents, personalities, skills and work styles which can help achieve the set goals.

Management training covers things like emotional intelligence, communication, delegations, solving workplace conflicts and work styles.

Harmonizes different strokes
Most companies usually prefer some behavioral styles or like-minded abilities. This is one of the major reasons why many of the managers will hire those people like themselves. However, a team with members with the same mindset do not solve problems and challenges in an effective manner.

For a team to solve problems properly, it should have people with different personalities Blending a set of skills and styles will help make the team think out of the box and accomplish goals and milestones. Each team member will be able to sharpen his or her own skills by learning how to work within the group with the main aim of accomplishing common goals.

For more information on team development, One Third More has a resource of team development articles that you can check out.


Video Film – Great For Website

Movies that are animated are the essence of the time in the world of business now. To place it simply put, these movies utilized for promotion of a business name, service or product and are created by an agent, typically in animated form. Animated movies are consistently the most suitable choice regarding advertising and function to be powerful and quite economical.

Taking an expert explainer movie manufacturer consistently assists the advertising facet of an organization and increases the advertising aspect of a business but this needs to be done only after careful evaluation of the types of movies made previously by the movie manufacturer and if they’re really great and serve the function of advertising. You understand what does not get the focus of the crowd? Poor explainer movies producing lowered sales and lowered marketing.

What’s the reason behind this?

While making an explainer movie to your company a couple of critical errors which should often be held under control. So, to prevent these principles are constantly remembered by those errors while making an animated video:

Software: The many essential requirements of the movie are this. The scriptwriter who writes the software has the skill to picture the stream of a narrative and understands the components of storytelling. Because of this, you must take the assist of an expert.

Words Over: The voiceover is an essential aspect of movie creation that is animated. Oahu is the procedure where an appropriate word that is sounding ideal and smooth can be used to generate an excellent effect on the audience. This may help in the promotion procedure.

Research: Always make sure that research that is whole is completed regarding the support to be advertised. This research is essential as it is going to identify issues that are of good use in the movie afterward. Additionally, in case a related type of support is not unavailable in the marketplace, performing a little research there helps. Then you’ll know why the present one is not better than the specific service and discover display and its faults.

Crowd: The main reason for the movie that is animated should be to assist the crowd that is appropriate. It’s not essential to please everybody else because it frequently appears the scenario of “neither here”, “or there”. So targeting the appropriate audience is essential.

Period: Becoming found up with the time limit of the movie just isn’t a transfer that is good.

Positioning: The right setting of the movie is not unimportant. Some of the many frequent errors completed by corporations are when they put the video that is animated around the ‘About Us’ site somewhat than their homepage. The movie should capture the attention of the audience the moment they land on your website and therefore, it needs to be put on the front page.

Preparation: Appropriate preparation cannot be eliminated. Facets like putting the movie, before releasing the movie articles of the movie, budget of the movie, appropriate market, etc, everything must be in the offering properly ahead of time.

Screening: You understand what is also not unimportant? That is the successful screening of the movie. By this, we mean, before releasing it analyzing movie and sound individually. In case it seems and seems not inefficient, just then it really is prepared for launch. Almost any shortcoming or error may possibly have a significant influence on the overall outcome of the movie on the promotion of goods or the support of your business.

As a small company proprietor, it’s necessary for you to get your information across to your own audience economically and quickly. Submitting movies is one of the methods that are best to spread your information, to ensure your audience does not get perplexed and because of this, it’s better to select just one video system.

You’ve got two choices; and has an enormous market foundation but reduced movie decision while has higher movie quality and a comparatively smaller market foundation. So, which stage should you post on your movies? This choice can be made by you according to the standards that are following.

Based on data, about 1-billion people see on about 170 thousand individuals and a regular basis see with regularly. has lots of viewers for any company that is tiny presenting support or their goods. is free to utilize and their movies can be uploaded by anyone using a Yahoo accounts on the website producing your competition more intense. Also, before the real movie is performed gets cash from advertisers to display their company movies. For the company, it could be a downside because your opponents’ movie gets performed before your version.

Edge: is a great movie system having tons of customers with varied requirements.

In terms of reputation goes, is behind but is more user-friendly. Furthermore, Vimeo subscribers are most and top quality more educational articles. Because company accounts will not be free for the business articles, each corporation or Vimeo greatest quality movies on Vimeo. may aid because it’s more company provides hotlinking to your own website and focused if your audience just isn’t comfortable with your service or product. However, visitors are kept by on its system that may lessen the number of visitors for your website.

Nevertheless, has an up-side: it gives a substantially better lookup function, which yields many different movies based on the keyword input. However, needs to be less general.

Customers may get more outcomes from for confirmed search phrase than from since is owned by Yahoo.

The decision then is….

For, if you need to attain an enormous audience without investing a cent, it is possible to move the bottom line is. But should you deliver a modest crowd monitoring more data on your concept, you might want to proceed with